Epstein Accuser Says She Gave FBI The Infamous Prince Andrew Photo In 2011

Epstein Accuser Says She Gave FBI The Infamous Prince Andrew Photo In 2011

A woman who has accused convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse gave the FBI a highly discussed photograph of the UK’s Prince Andrew in 2011, court documents show.

The documents are transcripts of depositions from Giuffre’s previously settled 2016 civil lawsuit against Epstein’s cohort Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Giuffre says sexually abused her along with Epstein, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and the U.K.’s Prince Andrew. (RELATED: Alan Dershowitz Urges ‘Everyone’ To ‘Keep An Open Mind’ About Alleged Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell)

Remember that famous Prince Andrew photo with Ghislaine Maxwell and the victim?

The FBI had their own copy for years – even before the victim’s 2011 FBI interview.

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The FBI knew. They always knew. pic.twitter.com/A5TjKt4Kf7

— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) July 31, 2020

Giuffre discussed the infamous photograph depicting Prince Andrew with his arm around her while Maxwell smiles behind them during a May 3, 2016 deposition. Giuffre told attorneys that Epstein took the photograph in March 2001, according to the court documents, and that she had the photograph developed in Palm Beach, Florida.

Asked whether the photograph ever left her possession, Giuffre responded: “I gave it to the FBI,” adding that she got the

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