ENOUGH! Two-Thirds of Oregon Voters Want 'Riots' in Portland to End

ENOUGH! Two-Thirds of Oregon Voters Want 'Riots' in Portland to End

Americans have watched in horror and disbelief all summer long as Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs turned segments of Portland into lawless cauldrons of violence and chaos.

Night after night, riots replaced the ‘peaceful protests’ of the George Floyd kind, with mostly White thugs targeting police, government buildings, and federal authorities. 


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And while watching the latest videos of the mayhem posted to social media for weeks on end, no doubt most of you have asked yourselves, “Why do the people of Oregon put up with that crap?”

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Well, a new survey found that most Oregonians aren’t putting up with it, even if most Portlanders are.

The Epoch Times reports that, by far, most Oregonians are sick and tired of the nonsense:

A majority of Oregon voters disapprove of the ongoing unrest in Portland, according to a new poll, and a plurality want police to use more force against demonstrators.

By a

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