Emperor Cuomo Has No Clothes

Emperor Cuomo Has No Clothes

Publishing a celebratory book about his shambolic and deadly handling of the coronavirus is just about the most Andrew Cuomo thing ever.

His state, New York, has suffered far more deaths than any other, the economic devastation to the state as a whole and especially America’s biggest city have been crippling, and his authoritarian rule has been marked by capriciousness, failure, and at the very least the strong appearance of bigotry.

In his book, Cuomo waives away the decision made by his administration to compel nursing homes to take in patients infected with COVID even while other hospital options not only existed, but were being vastly expanded with help from President Trump. Cuomo wants us to believe that his failure is actually just some conservative conspiracy to smear him. But the facts as we know them, and his unwillingness to accept an investigation, make it perfectly clear that this is not the case.

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Many, if not most, New Yorkers

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