EmiSWAP, The Future of DEXs

EmiSWAP, The Future of DEXs

2020 was a good year for the DeFi sector as several platforms saw an increased interest from traders and users. As these platforms offered new liquidity options for traders and helped them earn more profit, there was a sudden flow of income, resulting in more DEXs opening up to capitalize on this opportunity.

One of the platforms that have shown promise, among others, was EmiSwap which managed to establish its ground in the competitive industry. One of many ways that EmiSwap achieved this was through gathering liquidity from leading pools and giving prizes to its users in return.

EmiSwap, an automated market maker

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EmiSwap is an open-source and decentralized platform that has some similarities to Uniswap V2. Being an automated market maker, EmiSwap uses ESW governance tokens and yield-boosting NFT Magic Cards to make itself decentralized.

EmiSwap pays all trading fees to liquidity providers and token holders to incentivize voting on the ecosystem. The platform also rewards active users

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