Embracing Cultural Marxism Will Only Hasten MLB’s Downfall

Embracing Cultural Marxism Will Only Hasten MLB’s Downfall

“God, I love baseball” — this simple, poignant line from “The Natural” perfectly captures how I and millions around the world feel about our national pastime, a game intertwined with American tradition that transcends generations.

As a child, I remember bonding over games with my grandfather, a World War II veteran. As a teen, I have memories of striking out, riding the pine, and continuously making mistakes on the field while still thrilled I had the opportunity to play my favorite sport.

I’ve made scores of new memories as an adult. Between watching Matt LaPorta’s walk-off home run in person, countless hours listening to radio broadcasts, and time spent perusing the latest team news online, baseball is special. Yet, for conservatives, it’s clear baseball is also increasingly and extraordinarily vulnerable.

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Only the most die-hard fan could endure the slew of scandals that have plagued baseball in recent decades: steroids, the ever-increasing disparity between large and small-market teams, and recent

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