‘Embarrassing Ratings Ploy’: Don Lemon Rips Into NBC For Allowing Trump To ‘Manipulate Them’

‘Embarrassing Ratings Ploy’: Don Lemon Rips Into NBC For Allowing Trump To ‘Manipulate Them’

CNN anchor Don Lemon tore into NBC over the network’s plan to host a town hall Thursday with President Donald Trump.

Lemon referred to the town hall — which will be in direct competition with a town hall with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on ABC — as an “embarrassing ratings ploy” and accused NBC of allowing President Trump to dictate their programming. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo And Don Lemon Pump Each Other Up With Matthew McConaughey Hum-And-Chest-Thump)


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Lemon began his show Wednesday with a brief discussion with fellow anchor Chris Cuomo, saying that people he knew were expressing outrage over the fact that President Trump and Biden would be holding simultaneous events on competing networks.

“The dueling town halls,” Cuomo replied.

“Yes. Why on Earth would NBC agree to do that?” Lemon asked.

Cuomo pointed out the fact that networks were required to give the candidates equal time if they asked for it, but Lemon was not convinced.

“You can do equal time on a different night,” he protested. “You can do equal time at a different time. You don’t have to do it at the same time and then divide the country further by

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