El Salvador taps new DC lobbyist in pivot to Biden

El Salvador taps new DC lobbyist in pivot to Biden

MIAMI (AP) – El Salvador has awarded a $780,000 lobby contract to a three-week old Washington firm set up to promote investment as President Nayib Bukele, a staunch Trump ally, seeks to pivot toward Joe Biden’s $4 billion development plan to stop the flow of migration from Central America.

The new entity, Invest El Salvador, is the third to have registered as a foreign agent of El Salvador since August with contracts totaling more than $1.6 million.

Invest El Salvador will “inform the U.S. public, government officials, and the media about the importance of fostering strong dialogue between the U.S. and El Salvador, and promoting direct foreign investment,” according to Department of Justice filings last week. The one-year contract, which has not been previously reported, was signed by a Bukele aide on Nov. 5.

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The firm’s sole employee and executive director is Brian Dean, a Latin American specialist who led the state of Florida’s efforts to expand trade in

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