El Paso Residents “Surprisingly Positive” Over Trump’s Visit


Although Beto O’Rourke has told President Trump to keep away from El Paso, Trump made personal visits to the El Paso survivors Wednesday, prompting MSNBC to see what the citizens of the town thought about it.

The news outlet seemed surprised themselves when they reported that the residents were “surprisingly positive” about the president visiting their town post-tragedy.

Take a look at this breaking news that hit Twitter:

Despite Beto O’Rourke warning Trump to “stay away” from El Paso, @realDonaldTrump visited anyway, putting a damper on Beto’s narrative after MSNBC reported that the town’s citizens were “surprisingly positive” about the president’s visit!

— DailyTruthReport (@DailyTruthRpt) August 8, 2019

MSNBC surprised at their own reporting!

El Paso residents reaction to @RealDonaldTrump visit is “surprisingly positive,” “calls for unity and a great spirit of togetherness.” pic.twitter.com/CiBiIyLbDT

— Andrew Clark (@AndrewHClark) August 7, 2019

Although MSNBC was surprised, the American people didn’t seem as

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