Editorial Roundup: Texas

Editorial Roundup: Texas

The Dallas Morning News. Nov. 13, 2020.

What a federal torture case in Dallas tells us about sex trafficking

It’s not a victimless crime, nor is it just another economic choice.

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If you think prostitution is merely an economic choice or a victimless crime, consider the federal case that is now being brought against Billie Joe Sanford.

Sanford, who is 37, was arrested in Dallas recently after meeting with a man claiming to be a human trafficker. The man, who was actually an undercover federal agent, said he had a woman under under his control who refused to be sold for sex, and he needed someone to destroy her will to resist.

That’s where Sanford allegedly came in. He responded to an online ad, the feds say, and promised that he could break her for a fee, and would inflict such severe mental and emotional trauma that she would obey the trafficker’s every command. The objective here, apparently, was

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