Editorial Roundup: North Carolina

Editorial Roundup: North Carolina

Recent editorials from North Carolina newspapers:


Nov. 17

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The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer on North Carolina’s COVID restrictions:

Back in March, when a COVID-19 outbreak spread toward the southeast United States, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper followed the lead of North Carolina counties and took aggressive actions to slow the virus in his state. He was among the first Southern governors to close schools and shut down non-essential businesses, and he continues to be among the most cautious to reopen his state.

The result: North Carolina has been less devastated by COVID-19 than many of our neighbors. Our positive test rate has consistently been among the best in the Southeast. Fewer people per capita have been hospitalized, and fewer have died.

Now, with another COVID-19 wave looking our way, Cooper and N.C. counties need to be aggressive once again. It might be North Carolina’s best hope of avoiding another lockdown.

Other states are at various stages

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