Ed Markey calls to ban all police from using 'weapons of war,' tear gas

Ed Markey calls to ban all police from using 'weapons of war,' tear gas

Sen. Ed Markey faced criticism Monday after he called to ban every police department in the country from using what he described as “weapons of war,” such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

“Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force,” the Massachusetts Democrat tweeted. “We must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war, and enact a nationwide ban on tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.”

Yes. https://t.co/mxmKIzDel8

— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) September 14, 2020

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Mr. Markey’s tweet stems from legislation he introduced in late June with Sen. Bernard Sanders, called the No Tear Gas or Projectiles Act, that would ban the use of tear gas and rubber bullets by law enforcement nationwide.

“Our streets are not meant to be battlefields, and law enforcement shouldn’t be using weapons of war against protestors and other Americans,” Mr. Markey said in a statement announcing the legislation, which was

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