Economy boosts Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, swing states

Economy boosts Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, swing states

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Sarah Moore thought Donald Trump was a joke four years ago. Now she is terrified he won’t win another term in the White House.

A big reason for her conversion is the future of the U.S. economy.

“Now I am full-fledged. I even have a Trump mask in my bag,” the mom of three school-age children said recently in downtown Bethlehem, which sits at the heart of a county that swung hard from Democrat to Republican in 2016 and helped seal Mr. Trump’s upset victories over Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania and thus nationwide.

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Mr. Trump likely needs a repeat performance in November to recapture the Keystone State and stay in the White House.

“I never would have seen this coming,” said Mrs. Moore, an independent voter. “I thought he was the biggest joke on the face of the Earth but I was so happy that he beat all of them. Now, if he doesn’t win, I’m

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