Earn up to 50% APY by Staking $GLQ on GraphLinq App

Earn up to 50% APY by Staking $GLQ on GraphLinq App

PRESS RELEASE. The newest utility token to offer staking to its users/holders is GraphLinq Protocol’s $GLQ. As of this article, $GLQ has 4,500+ holders according to etherscan, excluding GLQ holders on CEX like Kucoin, MXC, Gate. This is a great step for the future of the project as it will further incentivize more users to hold. Explore more about GraphLinq, its staking mechanism & steps to stake.

What Is GraphLinq?

GraphLinq – The No Code protocol for automating actions on-chain & off-chain, launched in just March 2021, has come a long way bringing users in the crypto space a never seen model of integrating blockchain automation on any blockchain-related/non-related task.

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The goal of the GraphLinq protocol is to allow users to interact blockchains with any connected system as effortlessly as possible without any prior knowledge of coding.

GraphLinq ecosystem currently consists of an engine, an integrated development environment (IDE) & an app to provide automated services all while

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