Duke University To Roll Out ‘Inequality Studies’ Minor

Duke University To Roll Out ‘Inequality Studies’ Minor

Duke University is hoping to offer students the ability to minor in “Inequality Studies” starting in the spring, after Faculty members approved a proposal for the minor.

Campus paper The Chronicle reported that the Arts and Science Council voted to approve the new minor late last month. The new minor would fall under the history department as part of a collaboration with Duke’s Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, which said in an October 8 press release that it was “excited to announce the approval.”

History professor Malachi Hacohen, who co-sponsored the proposal for the minor at Duke, told the Chronicle that it would include three courses from the Cook Center and three from the history department.

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“The Cook Center represents an exceptional combination of resources in inequality studies… There are a few other places where you have those sources, and the history department is only too happy to have this group of experts come and work with

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