Dueling town halls: Experts grade President Trump and Joe Biden

Dueling town halls: Experts grade President Trump and Joe Biden

President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s dueling town halls on Thursday night offered each of the candidates a chance to showcase their strengths and sway undecided voters.

But despite airing at the same time slot, the competing events weren’t evenly matched.

The Post’s panel of election experts — two for each town hall — generally found that the questions posed to Trump were tougher, with NBC host Savannah Guthrie acting as an adversary and fact-checker to the president.

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Biden, meanwhile, was mostly lobbed softballs as ABC host George Stephanopoulos stayed largely hands-off.

“The questions were softball. I think Biden lost votes with his answers on why black voters should vote for him, transgender rights and fracking,” said longtime Staten Island Republican political strategist Leticia Remauro.

In terms of performance, our experts agreed that Trump fared better than he did during his debate with Biden last month.

“Of those who presented as undecided in the audience, it was a

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