DSLA Protocol Launches v1.0 Mainnet

DSLA Protocol Launches v1.0 Mainnet

PRESS RELEASE. DSLA Protocol has released the first version of its Decentralized Service Level Agreements (SLA) protocol on the Ethereum L1 blockchain. Layer 2 deployments on Harmony and Avalanche are also coming in the near future, following the results of ongoing audits.

Created by Stacktical, the DSLA Protocol is a decentralized risk management framework. It enables different stakeholders of a given service to offset third-party risk in a peer-to-peer manner. This allows developers and infrastructure operators to create blockchain-based outsourcing contracts.

The aforementioned outsourcing contracts store and release cryptocurrency based on the performance of the aforementioned third-parties. Put simply, the DSLA Protocol allows its users to delegate third-party risk by “exchanging” it with other users in the system, who have the required resources to “take-on” this risk and be rewarded for doing so.

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Put simply, these contracts provide an additional security layer to the common trust-based system through the use of trustless, peer-to-peer technology. As such,

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