Drunk teen breaks into Airbnb — being rented by cops

Drunk teen breaks into Airbnb — being rented by cops

A drunken teen in Milwaukee broke into an Airbnb and passed out — only to wake up and find the rental was occupied by three out-of-town sheriff’s deputies. 

The Montana lawmen, who were in town for emergency vehicle training and had been sleeping, got up and saw the back door of the property open. When they went upstairs, they found the 19-year-old man knocked out cold in one of the beds, they explained in a Friday TikTok video.  

“This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops,” one of the deputies said in the viral video. 

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“He woke up in handcuffs.” 

The cops called 911 to report the intruder, who explained to Milwaukee police that he had no idea where he was and where he’d come from. 

“No, this is a first for that, I’ve woken up in random places,” the teen said in the video in a groggy voice. 

Local cops

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