Drug Order Will Harm U.S. Patients

Drug Order Will Harm U.S. Patients

The following article is sponsored by StopSocializedMedicine.org and authored by Andrew F. Quinlan, co-founder and president of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

After months of teasing it, President Trump announced on Sunday the signing of an Executive Order (EO) aimed at lowering certain prescription drug prices. At a Nevada campaign rally the President said, “The drug companies don’t like me too much.” Perhaps not, but patients shouldn’t be too thrilled with him, either, as they are the ones who will ultimately suffer.

The president calls it a “most favored nation” policy, but it has nothing to do with the long-standing use of the phrase addressing the status of trading partners. Instead, the EO seeks to limit the price paid for prescription drugs by the federal government, under Medicare Part B and Part D, by tying it to the lowest rate paid in similarly developed OECD member nations.

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