Dr. Fauci Defends President Trump, Claims Media Attempting to Create a “Rift”


Over the last few days, the media has been breathless in attempting to pit Dr. Fauci against President Trump.

Fauci is the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

There have been a few instances in recent days where he’s made statements contradicting or “correcting” president Trump.

Dr. Fauci even made a facial expression when Trump mentioned the Deep State that went viral on social media, according to The Guardian.

However, it appears that the media has gone overboard with their attempt to create a rift between Dr. Fauci and President Trump.

Fauci himself spoke out against the media and said their coverage was unfortunate.

Beyond that, Fauci even praised President Trump for listening to his advice as well as the advice of others on the task force.

Listen to Dr. Fauci’s defense of the president below:

LISTEN: Dr Fauci tells WMAL radio in DC the

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