Dr Fauci: Attacks Against Me Are “Attacks on Science”

Dr Fauci: Attacks Against Me Are “Attacks on Science”

Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t just think he’s an expert…

He believes that he is the equivalent of science itself.

Those aren’t our words – those are his.

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Specifically, Dr. Fauci said:

Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science.

So what does Dr. Fauci have to say about the scientists who are questioning his decisions?

What does Fauci have to say about physicians who have spoken out against him?

Do they not count as experts and scientists as well?

Here’s the truth: science is about asking questions.

It’s also about doubt, because you have to prove your hypothesis through experimentation.

For Fauci to appear to claim that he is science itself is highly egotistical and dangerous for our progress as a species.

Fauci made the comments on MSNBC:

FAUCI: "A lot of what your seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science because all of the things I have spoken about from the very

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