Dr. Anthony Fauci credibility sought by Trump, Biden

Dr. Anthony Fauci credibility sought by Trump, Biden

President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are both looking to harness the credibility of America’s best-known infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, as they make their case to American voters.

Trump is quoting him out of context, the doctor says.

Biden, meanwhile, is eagerly promising to seek Fauci’s advice if elected.

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Overall, it’s an uncomfortable season for Fauci, who’s been studiously apolitical over a five-decade career in public health. The doctor is calling out the Trump campaign for taking one of his quotes and popping it into a campaign ad to suggest Fauci is in the president’s corner.

Biden, for his part, is taking every opportunity to associate himself with the doctor’s positions.

Look no further than poll numbers on trustworthiness for the candidates – and Fauci – to understand the interest in lining up with the doctor.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in September showed 68% of Americans have a great deal or a fair amount of trust

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