Dozens of army camps from Ancient Rome discovered

Dozens of army camps from Ancient Rome discovered

Archaeologists have uncovered dozens of 2,000-year-old army camps from Ancient Rome in Spain, according to a new study.

The research, published in Geosciences, details the enormity of the Roman Army as it marched, conquering the Iberian Peninsula and subsequent areas. The experts uncovered 66 camps in the northern part of the country, all designed for training and shelter. They range in size, with some as small as a few thousand square feet, all the way to 37 acres (15 hectares).

“The remains are of the temporary camps that the Roman army set up when moving through hostile territory or when carrying out maneuvers around their permanent bases,” study co-author João Fonte said in a statement. “They reveal the intense Roman activity at the entrance to the Cantabrian Mountains during the last phase of the Roman conquest of Hispania.”

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The 66 camps, which were used as temporary housing for the Roman soldiers as they marched through the Iberian Peninsula, were discovered using a number of different technologies, Fonte

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