Doubling down on defeat

Doubling down on defeat

With President Trump all but certainly defeated in the presidential election, the mood is surprisingly somber among the nation’s Democrats.

Retaking the White House was always only the first step in the ambitious Democratic battle plan to transform the political establishment, but it appears the party of the Left expected to be welcomed as liberators — receiving an enthusiastic embrace from the public, rather than divided government and a fuzzy mandate.

During the primaries, candidates spoke of enacting some form of true universal healthcare, establishing a $15 minimum wage, embarking on a green jobs program, severely curtailing the use of fracking, eliminating student debt, establishing tuition-free college, and much more. But it turned out that public support for the Republican Party was much stronger than the polling suggested. As of this writing, the GOP picked up seats in the House, wiping out a slate of Democratic centrists in swing districts, and is in a strong position to

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