Don’t Want The Vaccine? You Are Not Alone

Don’t Want The Vaccine? You Are Not Alone

Let me ask you something.

Do you take a flu shot every year?

A lot of people are super concerned and a bit weary over the establishment push for this vaccine and this ‘pandemic’ in general.

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The flu kills people every year. Some people take shots for it every single year. I don’t and most people I know do not take a shot every single year for the flu.

I have read reports which show that Covid-19 has like a 98% or 99% survivability rate.

I am not a doctor, and none of this is medical advice, but why is there such a huge deal made over a virus which isn’t really making a dent in our population?

Why not just focus on the at-risk populations?

If you have ever had any of the above thoughts you’re not alone! A lot of people do not want this vaccine, and I can’t blame a single one of them. 

Take a

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