Donald Trump warns of 'crippling U.S. depression' if he loses

Donald Trump warns of 'crippling U.S. depression' if he loses

President Trump on Wednesday said Americans face a choice between the American Dream or a “socialist nightmare” on Nov. 3, promising a post-pandemic resurgence in a second term while warning of a “steep depression” if his opponents win.

“That’s what you’ll have, a depression,” Mr. Trump said in an address from the White House Rose Garden to Economic Club of New York and similar clubs in other cities.

The speech was billed as an address on the economy but, with Election Day less than three weeks away, resembled one of Mr. Trump’s combative stump speeches.

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Speaking to the clubs via video, Mr. Trump’s voice sounded a bit raspy as he recovers from the coronavirus and takes on an aggressive campaign schedule.

The president promised to double down on the type of tax and regulation-cutting that dominated his first term.

He recounted his renegotiation of trade deals that had undercut American workers and warned of liberal plans for a costly

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