Donald Trump refuses to repeat Hillary Clinton's mistake

Donald Trump refuses to repeat Hillary Clinton's mistake

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — President Trump is taking nothing for granted in his reelection quest, barnstorming across the country to shore up support in places he easily won in 2016 such as Iowa, Georgia and Ohio.

His campaign team is determined not to commit the same mistake Hillary Clinton made last time when she lost critical states in the upper Midwest after not-campaigning there, thinking they were in the bag.

Mr. Trump is heading to Des Moines on Wednesday despite romping to victory in Iowa by nearly 10 percentage points in 2016. It’s a far tighter race this time, with some polls even tilting the state toward Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden.

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“There’s a very different atmosphere than four years ago. Quite honestly, I think Iowa is a tossup right now. I really believe that it could go either way,” said Patty Judge, a former Democratic lieutenant governor of Iowa.

She said a shift toward Democrats in the suburbs and

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