Donald Trump Is ‘Acting Like Adolf Hitler,’ According To Jim Acosta

Donald Trump Is ‘Acting Like Adolf Hitler,’ According To Jim Acosta

Prosecutors should consider arresting former President Donald Trump for allegedly trying to initiate an “administrative coup, if not a bloody coup” and “acting like an Adolf Hitler,” said CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday night’s episode of “Cuomo Prime Time.”

“I think, arguably, Donald Trump committed crimes on the way to January 6th,” Acosta told host Chris Cuomo. “Is anything going to be done about it? Why have we not had this conversation in this country?”

“I think it’s a critical question, Chris, whether or not the former president of the United States belongs in the slammer for what he did between the election and January 6th,” Acosta said.

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The former White House correspondent provided his analysis after Cuomo read an excerpt from the new book I Alone Can Fix It by The Washington Post’s Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker. The excerpt did not allege the president had engaged in any criminal behavior. The book’s revelations consist entirely of the reported fears, suspicions,

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