Donald Trump: 'China Must Pay' for Coronavirus Pandemic

Donald Trump: 'China Must Pay' for Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump delivered a strong message against China on Saturday, blaming the country for the coronavirus pandemic.

The president spoke about China in a speech to North Carolina Republicans, demanding that China pay “reparations” to the world for the devastation caused by the pandemic.

“We should all declare with one unified voice that China must pay. They must pay,” Trump said as the crowd cheered and applauded. “The United States should immediately take steps to phase in a firm 100 percent tariff on all goods made in China.”

Trump noted that Biden and the Democrats were staunchly opposed to his tariffs on China, but after they won power, they did leave them in place.

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He called for further tariffs on goods coming to the United States from China.

“Frankly if you raise them, they would stop building their military, companies would return to the United States,”

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