Do Aliens Exist? Kat Kerr Answers

Do Aliens Exist? Kat Kerr Answers

Yes, I’ve been talking a LOT about aliens recently.

And for good reason.

The “Great Deception” is coming, also known as “Disclosure”.

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In fact, we’re already had tons of “soft disclosure” occurring for the last year, but I am hearing the real deal, the full event of 100% announcing “aliens are here” is coming in June or July of this year.

So yes, I’m sounding the alarm.

Oh, and by the way…..they aren’t really “aliens”.

But more on that in a moment.

I was surprised to see today that even Kat Kerr is talking about it.

Folks, it’s coming and you’d better be ready.

Kat has the exact same answer I’ve been telling you.

Please watch here:

Want more?

Good….I’ve got a LOT more.

Let’s go next to Greg Hunter’s interview of Steve Quayle, also occurring this week.

For years, Steve Quayle was considered very “fringe” by many….a guy talking about aliens and Antarctica and a

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