DNC Platform Goal: End The Firearm Industry

DNC Platform Goal: End The Firearm Industry

By Larry Keane

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, called the firearm industry “the enemy” from the debate stage one year ago. Now, the rest of the party plans to follow him in that announcement with the Democratic Platform that lays out an agenda to dismantle the firearm and ammunition industry and destroy Second Amendment rights in America.

The DNC posted the party’s draft platform online, which will be formally adopted during the Milwaukee convention starting Aug. 17. Just two paragraphs of the 80-page document are dedicated to firearms, but not much space is needed when the party is in lockstep. The plan includes:

Criminalizing private firearm transfers Disrupting interstate commerce by criminalizing online firearm and ammunition sales Instituting endless “delay” windows for background checks Banning the manufacture and sale of modern sporting rifles Banning the manufacture and sale of standard magazines Enacting licensing schemes to exercise Second Amendment rights Enacting ex parte “red flag” laws to seize guns without legal recourse Mandating home storage requirements under penalty of law Repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to subject the industry to frivolous lawsuits

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In Lockstep

Former Vice President Biden already told America exactly how he

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