DNC Member Suggests ‘Deprogramming’ 75 Million Trump Supporters

DNC Member Suggests ‘Deprogramming’ 75 Million Trump Supporters

I can’t imagine the psychic energy it must take to persist in politics in a country where you believe the other side lives in a kind of Jonestown archipelago, persisting in cult-like thrall to a toxic leader whose orders have arrayed millions of your countrymen against all that’s good and pure.

While there are plenty of strange beliefs on the left about President Donald Trump that must exhaust the believer, the “cult of MAGA” delusion must be the most debilitating.

We’re not talking about someone who makes the statement as a throwaway line, either — we’re talking about an individual who believes in his soul that Trump voters need deprogramming, and not just in a metaphorical sense.

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This belief has been kicking around in the fever swamps of leftist Twitter for some time now — really, since about 2015 — but it’s now accepted enough that a member of the

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