Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Tells Girls To Prioritize Vengeance Over Love

Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Tells Girls To Prioritize Vengeance Over Love

In classic superhero origin story form, the titular character for the new Disney film “Cruella,” played by Emma Stone, begins her tale as an orphan, with the added guilt of having inadvertently caused her mother’s death. With no family in the world, she ends up on her own, with some petty thieves and her dog. It’s got the classic Disney fairytale feel, but as Disney has chosen to center girls’ stories, they continue to decenter what is important to most women.

Our superhero stories for women, the new stories for girls to tell them how to achieve their dreams, come with a very apparent deletion: Love and morality are not part of the new female advancement story. Instead, both are cast aside in favor of aggressive power. It’s as though these girls have already begun the testosterone treatments to turn them into the men they know they can be to succeed in a man’s world.

Such is the story

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