Disney+ Features Teenage Lesbian Kiss in 'Family' Sports Drama

Disney+ Features Teenage Lesbian Kiss in 'Family' Sports Drama

On its recently launched streaming service Disney+, the entertainment giant featured a lesbian kissing scene between teenagers in its family drama, Big Shots, starring John Stamos.

The series follows the life of Marvyn Korn (Stamos) as he goes from big-time pro basketball coach to the coach of a girl’s private high school basketball team after he is fired from the pros for bad behavior. The show also features a lesbian teen named Carolyn (Tisha Custodio), and in last week’s episode, Carolyn fell in love with another student, Harper (Darcy Rose Byrnes).

The episode took its name, “Everything To Me,” from the purported title of a song that Carolyn — also known as “Mouse” in the series — wrote for her new love interest. Late in the episode, Mouse plays the song she wrote for Harper. The moment leads to the show’s first underage lesbian kiss.

In the song,

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