Digital Monetisation in a COVID-19 Era: A Fresh Approach

Digital Monetisation in a COVID-19 Era: A Fresh Approach

Gather Network offers users new streams of income as the world is forced to live online

The continued grip of CoronaVirus has seen the majority of the world’s population locked down at least once in the last year. As 2021 gets underway, we are more reliant on a stable internet connection than ever before to connect with friends and family, go shopping, and carry out daily work.

As the world sits glued to computer screens, tablets and smartphones, digital advertising is more prevalent than ever before. But if one thing is for certain, it’s that the majority of us dislike being subjected to watching autoplay video ads every 5 seconds when visiting a website.

Gather Network offers an innovative solution for both digital consumers and webmasters; a product that provides non-intrusive monetisation whilst simultaneously rewarding website visitors with an ad-free browsing experience. With the introduction of a web/app-based miner that pays webmasters in digital currencies, Gather Network improves upon

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