DIGENOVA: Once Burned, Twice Shy — Dems Won’t Acknowledge Court Packing Scheme

DIGENOVA: Once Burned, Twice Shy — Dems Won’t Acknowledge Court Packing Scheme

If history is any guide, the Democrats have every reason to fear letting the American people know the truth about their desire to pack the Supreme Court with ideologically-aligned justices.

There are few people alive today who were around for President Franklin Roosevelt’s court packing debacle, but the spectre of that failure still haunts the Democratic Party today, as Senator Kamala Harris demonstrated with her panicked efforts to dodge that question during the vice presidential debate.

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month instantly became one of the most significant issues of the presidential campaign. President Trump and Senate Republicans have vowed to approve a replacement in accordance with their constitutional roles, while Democrats — including presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate — have argued that the appointment of a successor should wait until the end of January, when either Trump or Biden will take the oath of office.

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Frustrated by their inability to prevent the GOP from using its Senate majority to approve the President’s third Supreme Court appointee, Amy Coney Barrett, some prominent Democrats have openly endorsed a drastic maneuver that has been considered politically untenable for nearly

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