Did You Know George Soros Received a COVID PPP Loan?

Did You Know George Soros Received a COVID PPP Loan?

Can it get any swampier than this?

Under the disguise of a struggling small business devastated by COVID-19, George Soros’s East-West Management Institute (EWMI) received a $234,548 PPP Loan.

When actual American small businesses are destroyed by tyrannical government restrictions, what’s the justification for billionaire George Soros to receive one penny of COVID-relief money?

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The “relief money” in itself was printed from thin air and will have additional devastating effects on working-class Americans due to future inflation.

In addition to the PPP Loan, EWMI also receives federal grants and contracts.

Its federal funding increased during COVID-19 hysteria.

Those are taxpayer-funded, so American taxpayers are unknowingly financing a part of Soros operations.

So, it’s a double whammy and a double middle finger to working-class Americans.

We need to ask ourselves how our government facilitates this sort of racket without oversight. Harvard University can be publicly shamed into returning COVID relief money, but a Soros group gets a pass? Why

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