Dick Morris: The Coming Democratic Reign of Terror

Dick Morris: The Coming Democratic Reign of Terror

Like Robespierre, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are taking no prisoners. A new Democratic reign of terror is upon us, endangering our free speech, free press, political playing field and personal liberty.

Watch your back.

The Democrats are using the outrageous and unsupportable Capitol riot the same way that Hitler used the Reichstag Fire of 1933 — as a pretext for an authoritarian crackdown.

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The impeachment of President Trump and the banning of his tweets and Facebook posts are merely the first examples.

But the threat of punitive actions and censorship in this new reign of terror hangs over us all.

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Will we be banned from using the communication tools of modern technology? Will Twitter, Amazon and other tech giants determine what messages and what content can be sent out?

Will books we would like to

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