Dick Morris: Did Trump Lose His Base in 2020?

Dick Morris: Did Trump Lose His Base in 2020?


The media is peddling the idea, based on exit polls, that while Trump gained among Hispanics in 2020, those advances were more than offset by losses among high school-educated white men who had heretofore been his political base.

This opinion was prominently featured in a Wall Street Journal editorial published last week.

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Oddly, enough, one of Trump’s own pollsters, Tony Fabrizio, seemed to bolster this narrative.

But it is not true. John McLaughlin, the other Trump pollster (who was more frequently in direct contact with the president) said “everyone who voted for Trump in ’16 who was still alive voted for him again in ’20.”

The erosion the exit polls reflect was among people who did not vote in 2016 but

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