DHS OKs Huge H-1B Visa Reform to Help U.S. Graduates

DHS OKs Huge H-1B Visa Reform to Help U.S. Graduates

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is helping U.S. graduates by ending the lottery for H-1B foreign workers that has allowed Fortune 500 CEOs to import mid-skilled, poorly-paid foreign graduates for the starter jobs needed by U.S. graduates.

The new process will allocate the annual supply of 85,000 H-1B visas to corporations that offer the highest pay. The ranking system will end the economic incentive to hire mid-skilled H-1B foreign workers instead of younger American graduates. Currently, companies, universities, and hospitals keep roughly 1 million H-1B non-immigrant contract workers in jobs which sidelined, unemployed, or underpaid American professionals need.

“What this new policy will do is encourage companies to only ask for H-1Bs to fill higher salary jobs,” not to fill the starter and mid-career jobs needed by Americans, said Kevin Lynn, the director of U.S. Tech Workers. “Under her current [lottery] system, we encourage companies to recruit the lower-wage

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