DHS Mayorkas Drafts 'Roadmap' for Mass Migration

DHS Mayorkas Drafts 'Roadmap' for Mass Migration

President Joe Biden’s border officials are planning to dramatically expand legal migration into Americans’ workplaces, neighborhoods, and society, according to a May 31 New York Times article.

“We want to take a broad approach toward opening up the legal avenues that have always been available but that [President Donald Trump’s officials] tried to put roadblocks upon,” one senior Biden appointee told the New York Times.

The appointee, Felicia Escobar Carrillo, works for Alejandro Mayorkas, the pro-migration chief of the Department of Homeland Security. “There are significant changes that need to be made to really open up all avenues of legal immigration,” she said.

But the Mayorkas plan is a direct challenge to the “tight labor market” plan endorsed by President Joe Biden in a May 28 speech.

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Biden said:

Rising wages aren’t a bug; they’re a feature.  We want to get — we want to get something economists call “full

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