Dfinity founder takes aim at Ethereum’s complex layer-two solutions

Dfinity founder takes aim at Ethereum’s complex layer-two solutions

Dominic Williams, the founder of Dfinity and its Internet Computer, has slammed the scaling solutions put forward by Polkadot and Ethereum for offering a disjointed user experience.

The self-described “blockchain maximalist” criticized Ethereum’s burgeoning ecosystem of second-layer scaling solutions, describing Ethereum as starting to resembling a ridiculously elaborate “Rube Goldberg machine” of “layer-two cloud applications.”

Williams asserted layer-twos cause points of friction for Ethereum users and exposes them to counterparty security vulnerabilities, emphasizing that more than half of Ethereum’s nodes are hosted by Amazon Web Services:

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“A lot of these Proof of Stake networks today that people invest in are really just layer-two applications of cloud — we find that pretty disappointing. Blockchain shouldn’t be running on Amazon Web Services where they can steal the validator keys and do all sorts of bad stuff.”

Williams asserts that when a user accesses a blockchain through the cloud, “they have to download MetaMask from Amazon or something that lets them be tracked.” 

He sought to

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