Developing: Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Election Fraud Suit

Developing: Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Election Fraud Suit

How many of you are bothered by the clear evidence of voter fraud all around us? 

I know I am.

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How about the mainsteam media’s rediculous dismissal of the whole thing? 

Me too. 

As reports of statistical improbabilities and widespread election fraud continue to pour in, Pennsylvania Judge Matthew Brown has decided to throw out the Trump campaign suit. 

This in my opinion is absolutely rediculous. You cannot even open an inquiry into the election in your state? seriously? 

Check it out: 

1. This Obama judge in Pennsylvania is outrageous.  I read the complaint.  It was full of affidavits and serious constitutional issues that absolutely overcame a motion to dismiss.

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) November 22, 2020

.@TomFitton with @LouDobbs: "The PA election results are irredeemably compromised. Will the courts fix it by throwing out the ballots that haven't been subject to any scrutiny?"
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