DEPLORABLE SPOTLIGHT: Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky!

DEPLORABLE SPOTLIGHT: Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky!

For longtime readers of WeLoveTrump, you know I love to spotlight whenever someone in our community is doing something awesome.

We’ve had people who have written books, made incredible paintings, all sorts of things.

I always say, the “Deplorables” have all the talent!

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We create!

We build!

We make the world better.

Today I have a very special Deplorable to spotlight.

Some of you may even know him…..

Meet “Pistol Pete” Pete Santilli.

You might recognize the name from the Pete Santilli Show, a very popular podcast focusing on President Trump, liberty and saving our Nation!

Pete and I have recently become friends and he has just launched Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky!

This stuff is the real deal, made from his partner’s large cattle farm, and delicately hand crafted using fresh herbs and spices, this is some of the best beef jerky you will ever try!

It currently comes in five flavors:

About Pistol Pete’s:

Our passion for

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