Denver ‘Patriot Rally’ shooter railed against Trump on social media

Denver ‘Patriot Rally’ shooter railed against Trump on social media

The unlicensed security guard accused of fatally shooting a Navy veteran at a Denver “Patriot Rally” railed against President Trump and shared left-wing political content on social media.

Matthew Dolloff‘s ex-girlfriend, told the Daily Mail, she dated Dolloff from 2010 to 2013, and during that time period, the former couple were both heavily involved in Occupy Denver — the local branch of Occupy Wall Street.

Dolloff, 35, a registered Democrat, includes dozens of political posts on his Facebook profile dating back to 2011 in which he railed against Republicans including President Trump in June 2016, when he shared a screenshot of Trump in a CNN interview, captioning it “F–k this guy.”

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A few weeks later, he shared the following encounter, “Ran into a Trump supporter with a Trump Button on their shirt. Told them i like their ‘im a racist’ button. They had nothing to say. ].”

In another photo, he is seen raising his fist above a crowd while

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