Denver man confronts beer drive-thru clerk with assault rifle

Denver man confronts beer drive-thru clerk with assault rifle

A man armed with an assault rifle confronted a beer store drive-thru clerk in Denver Sunday afternoon before threatening two police officers who had responded to the scene. 

The officers had responded to a call from the Great American Beer Store in the 1300 block of West Alameda around 2:10 p.m., Division Chief Ron Thomas said. The clerk told the officers that said a man had approached the store while brandishing a weapon but the circumstances of their interaction was not immediately clear. 

The officers spotted the suspect about a block from the liquor store, Thomas said. The officers parked their distance at a safe distance away from the suspect, got out, and began issuing commands.

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Thomas said the suspect ignored the officers’ commands, began advancing toward them, and threatened the officers with the assault weapon. 

The officers fired their weapons, and the suspect went down, Thomas said. 

The officers rendered aid before an ambulance arrived on scene and transported the suspect to

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