Denver Cleans Up Tent Cities, Erects State-Sanctioned Encampments

Denver Cleans Up Tent Cities, Erects State-Sanctioned Encampments

DENVER — While tent cities are becoming permanent fixtures in the urban jungles of Austin and Los Angeles, Denver has begun to clean up.

The picture below was taken from atop steps of the Colorado State Capitol Tuesday. Had the picture been taken one year ago, tents would have flooded the park across the street now surrounded in fencing as the bright spring grass gives color to the urban landscape. The empty pedestal also would have featured a monument to a Union Civil War soldier that was toppled by leftist demonstrations last summer.

The city cleared the mass encampment by last fall, but the homeless merely moved to adjacent neighborhoods as the city eased enforcement of its pandemic camping ban. Eventually, those campsites were cleared too, and others spotted around the city as of Tuesday appeared vacated.

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State-Sanctioned Camping

As the novel coronavirus recedes into the horizon, the city government opted to pursue state-sanctioned tent cities in affluent

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