Denmark Helped Obama Administration Spy on Merkel’s Germany: Report

Denmark Helped Obama Administration Spy on Merkel’s Germany: Report

Denmark’s intelligence services are alleged to have worked with the Obama administration to spy on German leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to a report shared with European news agencies.

The Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE) reportedly granted access to the country’s internet cables to President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA). Through access into Denmark’s internet cables, the NSA was allegedly able to monitor text messages and phone calls from top German politicians.

The surveillance dragnet is said to have specifically targetted Chancellor Angela Merkel, then-Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as well as then-opposition leader Peer Steinbruck, according to an investigation from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

The surveillance of Steinbrück is said to have come as he was put forward by the Social Democrats as their candidate for the German chancellorship.

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In response to the report, Peer Steinbrück said: “Politically, I consider this a scandal.”

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