Dems Pull Subpoena for Ex-Trump Adviser Who Took It to Court: Lawsuit Would Delay Impeachment


Former U.S. President Donald Trump adviser Charles Kupperman’s lawsuit asking the courts whether he should testify in the House impeachment probe forced Democrats to rescind their subpoena.

“The subpoena at issue in this matter has been withdrawn, and there is no current intention to reissue it,” Democrats wrote in court filings, the Hill reported.

On October 25, Kupperman, who served as a top aide for White House national security adviser John Bolton at the White House National Security Council (NSC), filed a lawsuit essentially asking the courts to rule on whether he should abide by the House Democrat’s subpoena, citing concerns that his testimony would inflict Constitutional damage on either the House or executive branch.

Acknowledging that the lawsuit may take so long to settle that Kupperman may not have to testify, Democrats who want to rush the partisan impeachment inquiry pulled the subpoena.

Democrats have indicated they want to vote

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