Democrats try to regroup after sweeping election overhaul failed

Democrats try to regroup after sweeping election overhaul failed

After Republicans blocked their sweeping voting rights bill in the Senate last month and with GOP-led state “election integrity” bills looming, House Democrats are going back to basics on elections.

The House Committee on Administration held a hearing on Monday to discuss what constitutional authority Congress has over state-run federal elections, with an eye on many of the provisions in the “For the People Act” that passed the House in March and was unable to overcome the 60-vote cloture rule threshold to overcome a filibuster in June due to Republican opposition.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Bryan Steil noted that examining the constitutionality after the legislation had passed was an unusual reversal of order.

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“This is really a hearing that our committee should have had before we had hearings on elections administration — before the drafting and introduction and passage of H.R. 1,” Steil said.



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