Democrats Push $25 Billion For Electric School Buses

Democrats Push $25 Billion For Electric School Buses

The Democrats are now looking to use more money to fight the imaginary enemy of the world called climate change.

Democrat lawmakers have just introduced a bill that will use $25 billion to change the nation’s school buses from gasoline and dieseled powered to electric.

The legislation is called the Clean Commute for Kids Act and was proposed by  Democrat Sen. Alex Padilla of California.

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Democrat Senator of Georgia backed the piece of legislation too and said “Children in Georgia and across America should be able to get to and from school each day without breathing polluted air”.

What if the children put down their window and other cars emissions come into the bus…..

What’s their solution then?

All aboard the "electric" school bus?

Democratic lawmakers have unveiled legislation that would invest $25 billion to convert the nation’s fleet of gasoline- and diesel-powered school buses to electric vehicles.

— ABC21 WPTA News (@ABC21WPTA) April 21, 2021

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